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Let me know the size of the artwork you're interested in making with me.  If you're unsure you can measure the wall where you want to hang it and we can discuss how the artwork can fit in your space.



Seen something you like? Want something completely new?  We can even use an image of you, a pet or something else you're into. Give me an idea of the piece you have in mind and we can make something that'll look great in your space.



Canvas, paper, wood? Is there something else you think might work. Let's make a plan that'll work with your idea.



Custom artworks are priced mainly on the Size, Material, and Artwork. There is a 25% down-payment fee to cover materials and protect myself as an artist.  The remaining amount only to be paid once artwork is completed.

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Check out the FAQ below that will, hopefully, answer any questions you might have about the commission process.
If any of your questions aren't answered please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for other info or more details.
  • What can the artwork be?
    Essentially whatever you want! Colours, style, imagery, it's entirely up to you. I'm always happy to work with clients to bring their ideas to life. Assuming that you (or someone you know in the case of a gift) are aware of my styles of painting/drawing and I am confident I can make waht you want, I am more than happy to tackle the project with you.
  • Can you replicate a previous work?
    Do you like one of my paintings that's sold? Though I wouldn't copy a previously sold work identically, just as I wouldn't replicate whatever we made together, I can definitely make something similar to a previous work. No customer wants to buy a piece that claims to be 1 of 1 and isn't, so we can figure out something that will replicate the original piece without being identical. (In regards to the dripping style paintings, the colours on those pieces are nearly impossible to replicate so the figures and poses don't need to be too different, as they will end up with naturally occuring variances due to the application of the fluid colours.)
  • Why do you need to know the size of the canvas I want?
    The majority of my painted canvases, regardless of how they're shipped, are painted stretched on a wooden frame. Many sizes come standard, but to fit some spaces, custom frames may need to be built. If the size you want is close to a standard size I will absolutely let you know and we can decide whether you prefer that or the fully custom route.
  • Why do you need to know the size of the paper I want?
    Since I only use, high quality, acid-free papers to prolong the life of the artwork, I need to be sure I can source the correct size, type, and colour of paper for your custom piece. Art paper comes in a variety of colours, textures, and thickness suited for different mediums. Not all paper is created equal. Once we have an idea of the type of artwork you want, I will be happy to recommend appropriate paper options for you to choose from to accomodate the size we need.
  • Why the 25% down-payment?
    The down-payments are for two main reasons: 1. Payment acts as an agreement for me to begin making your artwork and to guarantee your queue position in times where I have multiple commissions being worked on concurrently. This ensures your artwork is made as soon as possible. 2. To cover material costs and protect myself as an artist. Not only does making art take time, but art material costs money. Please keep in mind there is no limit on discussion, the down-payment is only asked for once we have decided on the details of the piece you want me to make to for you The 25% is only asked for once we are certain we want to move forward with the creation of your commission.
  • How long will it take to make my custom artwork?
    The timeline varies from piece to piece. I am always happy to give an estimate during the initial e-mail discussion. If you do need the painting by a specific date, (birthday, anniversary etc..) please get in touch with me as soon as possible and mention the date. I will be happy to help figure out how soon your specific artwork would need to get started so that it can be made and shipped to you with time to spare!
  • What mediums do you use?
    The majority of my works are acrylic paint and/or ink. I use Professional Artist quality paints with high lightfastness so they won't fade or yellow over time. I use archival quality lightfast inks; india ink, acrylic ink, gel pens, paint pens. I also make pieces using Pencil, graphite, charcoal, watercolour. I do not use oil paints. n.b. I have used more unusual materials before (make-up foundation, coffee, tea, etc.. for different projects) and am happy to discuss the use of irregular materials for your piece. Important things to take into consideration are the archival qualities of the materials used. Few people want to commission artwork that will change color, disappear, or biodegrade while they're hanging in their house.
  • Can you paint/draw me as the subject?
    Absolutely! I have worked with many clients to create private pieces for their homes and collections in my style. I have done drawings of words, portraits of people, pets, kids, flowers etc... It's all doable and I'm always happy to apply one of my styles to your images or ideas. Please make sure any images you send are not compressed and have actual detail that I can work with. These do not have to be professionally shot images (though it is great if you have that available) nor do they necessarily have to have the lighting or shadows that will be in the final piece I make as I will often create those myself. The images just have to clearly be you, or whatever the subject is meant to be. Important info regarding artistic nude themed images like Psychameleon and many of the Pointillism pieces: Any images you send me will be strictly private, and will only ever be seen by myself. So if you're comfortable with that, nude images are welcome. However, if you're not comfortable with that, we can work from pictures with more clothing and/or make up the elements of the body that aren't shown.
  • Will you paint/draw my pet?
    Yes! We all love animals, and it is always fun for me to try and capture a pet's detail and look in artwork. Much like children, they are not the easiest thing to draw, but always a fun challenge. The details are super important, so please, if submitting an image for me to work from, please make sure it isn't super pixelated, and shows the details of your pet.
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping prices vary widely by not only size of artwork but also by destination. I am based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada so I would need to know where you are located and what size the artwork will be before I can give an accurate shipping price. Please include your location when contacting me so I can find you the best shipping price and give you an accurate price quote.
  • Where can you ship artwork?
    I like to say, anywhere FedEx will go on my behalf. That being said, if you live somewhere they won't go, for whatever reason, I will be happy to work with another shipping carrier to try and get you the art you want. As long as it can get from Canada to you, we will make it happen!
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