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Divided by Night 4.0

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

'Divided by Night 4.0' 18"x30" Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Divided by Night 4.0 by Shane Turner. Surreal colorful painting of illusion of women's legs lying on ground made of rainbow stripes and black negative space.
Divided by Night 4.0 by Shane Turner Art

This is a continuation of the Divided by Night series. This time incorporating a female couple lying together on the ground, legs entwined. The rainbow themed stripes act both as colorful interest as well as to celebrate the summer LGBTQ+ pride season.

The Divided By Night series takes a similar approach to the Psychameleon series, in a slightly different, geometric direction. The fluidity of the dripping paint breaks up the parts of and shapes of the body in a random way, while Divided by Night uses linear stripes to create 3 dimensional negative space. Even though only the color stripes contain shading and detailed information about the body, the entire image is visible to the viewer, because the brain fills in the black with optical information from the colored areas.


Check out the making of time-lapse video!


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