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Psychameleon Jr. - 10th Anniversary

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

'Psychameleon Jr. (XXV)' Collection of 8"x10" Acrylic Paintings on Canvas.

Edition of 6 colour variants (PROTO, RMX, KPT, CMYK, RTO, & CANDY)

The one that started it all turned 10 in 2021 so I wanted to celebrate (belatedly as it may be, in 2022)! To mark this occasion in the Psychameleon series, I decided to make a collection of small paintings, with a new laid-back pose, reminiscent of the one that started it all. Each piece was made with a different colourway celebrating the variety of colourways used throughout the Psychameleon series thus far, making each painting unique unto itself.


Check out the making of the Psychameleon Jr (XXV) Collection below!


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