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Big City Nights L.A.

'Big City Nights (L.A. Woman Remix)' 30"x48" Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Big City Nights (L.A Woman RMX) Shane Turner. Painting of black and white pop art style portrait of woman wearing sunglasses with reflection of Los Angeles beach scene in lenses, turquoise lips and windswept hair. Painting by Canadian artist Shane Turner.
Big City Nights (L.A Woman RMX) by Shane Turner Art

The Big City Nights series is heavily inspired by the Noir comic inking style. The lenses reflect the thoughts of the figures in their mind's eye as it were. The bold black and white shadows and light are complimented with a splash of colour in the lips. In most cases it's the city they reside in or are thinking of. In this case it's the palm trees and beaches of L.A. that are being reflected.



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