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City of Blinding Lights 2.0

"City of Blinding Lights 2.0 (*Exit Reality)" 24"x24" Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

City of Blinding Lights 2.0 by Shane Turner. Acrylic painting of a woman's face made of dripping colorful neon acrylic paint, wearing sunglasses with the reflection of San Francisco skyline made of glowing lights. Album cover for California based band Citabria was made using this painting.
"City of Blinding Lights 2.0 (Exit Reality)" by Shane Turner

City of Blinding Lights is a series of paintings that celebrates the colors and lights of cities around the world. The glossy colours reveal the face and colours emerge from the frame of the sunglasses. The cityscapes or skylines are reflected in the lenses of the glasses and are painted in a noir comic like style. The colorful organic drips of the figure, contrast with the monochromatic noir style of the sunglasses and reflection of the city. This painting was made as a collaboration with California based band Citabria, and was used as for their album cover for "Exit Reality." The San Francisco skyline in the lenses is to represent where the band comes from.


Check out the making of City of Blinding Lights 3.1 time lapse video below:


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