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Into the Light 3.0

'Into the Light 3.0' 24x32cm Black Ink on White paper, pointillism drawing.

Into the light 3 by Shane Turner. D rawing is a portrait of a nude woman with her arms resting on her thigh and knee. Created entirely out of ink dots in the pointillism style.
Into the Light 3.0 by Shane Turner Art

'Into the Light' is a continuation of my pointillism series. These drawings are made using a stippling technique that uses thousands and thousands of black ink dots, applied to white paper to create highly detailed gradient shading that allows for heavy contrast and subtle transitions. These drawings use methods of dimensional light photography, where bodies are strategically lit to sculpt the light along the curves of the face or body. I try to use this technique to create ink drawings that use light and negative space, to impart a complete image by showing less of the actual figure.



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