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Midas Touch 3.0

New commission painting 'Midas Touch 23.0' 24" x 32" Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Midas Touch 3 painting by Shane Turner Art. Image of woman made of dripping gold paint with hands in hair. Surreal Acrylic painting on canvas of dripping gold liquid.
'Midas Touch 3' painting by Shane Turner Art

Midas Touch 3.0 was a commission opportunity to bring another gold painting design to life on a canvas. The Midas Touch series is a study in painting/drawing metallic liquids and reflections. The series incorporates elements of the Psychameleon series, i.e. the dripping liquid which reveals the three dimensional curves of the body which are underneath but are otherwise invisible. While this piece is a portrait style from the chest upward, the fragmented sections of the body allow for a more surreal image, as only a portion of the body is revealed even with the flowing liquid Gold on the surface of the figure.


Check out the time-lapse making of video!


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