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Moving in the Dark

'Moving in the Dark' 20" x 20" Multi-color Ink stippling pointillism drawing on black paper.

Moving in the Dark by Shane Turner Art. Multi colour light gel. Female nude figure doing pole dancing acrobatics. Pointillism stippling drawing with dots.
Moving in the Dark by Shane Turner Art

The 'Moving in the Dark' series, is an offshoot of my other pointillism drawings, focusing on light and shadow studies of the body. These works add playful colour light sources emitting from non typical objects acting as light sources. This lets the scene be lit in an unnatural way that adds to the abstract vibe of the pieces. In this work the pole is the light source, creating a halo of pink and orange light around emitting from the center running vertically to light the dancer's body.

These paintings/ drawings are created using the stippling pointillism techniques, made of thousands of tiny colour dots, overlapping to create transitions from colour to colour.


Check out some close-up images of the details of all of the dots and colour gradients


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