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Music In Motion 2

New painting ' Music In Motion 2' 36" x 40" Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Music In Motion 2 by Shane Turner. Pop art colorful acrylic painting of a dripping ballet dancer ballerina dancing. Wearing a ballet tutu made out of negative space and colorful paint drips.
'Music In Motion 2' painting by Shane Turner Art

Much like the Yoga themed paintings, in this series I wanted to explore the idea of the frozen moment of action. In yoga there is often a holding of the pose, similarly the graceful actions of ballet are often held for moments during a dance. The stillness of the frozen moment is contrasted by the downward moving dripping paint, actually adding the feeling of movement to the static dancer.

The figure in the painting is not implied nude, unlike many of my other work and is wearing a ballerina's outfit. Though the footwear is not overly evident, the tutu does take center-stage in the image, creating not only a very colorful addition to the scene, but also adding to the flow of movement in the painting. I was always concerned with adding the complexity of layers of clothing to the Psychameleon but it just feels right and ended up coming out just as I envisioned it which is definitely always a plus.


Check out some more close-ups of the painting as well as a time-lapse making of video!

Check out the making of video!


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