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Power of Love 2.0

New painting 'Power of Love 2.0' 20" x 24" Acrylic Painting on Canvas available now in the shop!

Power of Love 2.0 painting by Shane Turner. Graffiti of the word love made of dripping rainbow paint on calligraphy cursive lettering. Love Pride 2019
'Power of Love 2.0' painting by Shane Turner Art

Power of Love is a series of 2 paintings thus far of the word love written in various styles. This piece has a playful bubbly 3d calligraphy style, with dripping paint, reminiscent of my Psychameleon paintings. The colorful rainbow dripping paint theme is not only a fun color scheme, but is also in honor of Pride 2019 when this piece was painted. Love is love! These paintings are a fun colorful reminder to show people we love them and just generally be excellent to each other.


Check out some more close up pics and the time-lapse making of video!


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