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Psychameleon 8.0

New painting 'Psychameleon 8.0' 30"x40" Acrylic Painting on Canvas available now at my store.

Psychameleon 8.0 by Shane Turner. Colorful painting of artistic nude woman leaning forward in sexy pose. Painting made of dripping neon acrylic paint.
Psychameleon 8.0 by Shane Turner Art

Psychameleon 8.0 is a continuation of the dripping female figure series. This painting is a slightly sexier pose specifically angled from below. This gives the impression that the figure is looking at you. It was an attempt to do something a little different with the series in terms of pose and color. In many of the paintings the details of the face are less focused than the body, and I wanted to flip that in this instance. The pose is deliberately set up so that even in an "exposed" nude state, the woman in the painting is looking at you as much as you are at her. The colors are a split of cool and warm tones, similar to the very base colors of actual skin tones which contain many blues and reds. Even though the colors are unnaturally bright, they reflect the makeup of all skin colors.


Check out some more close-ups of the painting:


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