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Take My Hand

New painting 'Take My Hand' 18" x 24" Acrylic Painting on Canvas now available in the shop!

Take My Hand by Shane Turner. Pop art colorful acrylic painting of dripping lovers' holding hands. Painting is of just holding hands made out of negative space and neon paint drips.
'Take My Hand' painting by Shane Turner Art

Take My Hand, is a continuation of not only the dripping series, but also the fragmented body paintings, 'A Kiss To Send Us Off' as well as the more recent, 'Peace At Hand' Instead of focusing on a full figure or figures, these paintings zero in on a specific part of the body to tell a larger story. While the shading techniques in this piece are similar to those in 'Peace At Hand', the feeling is much more akin to 'A Kiss To Send Us Off' I wanted to explore the idea of the frozen moment between lovers or friends. The privacy of the moment between the two hands' respective owners is kept in tact, but the viewer is offered a glimpse of the actual physical connection between the two figures. The hands and their dripping paint colours begin to melt into one another and form connecting drips at the fingertips as the hands and fingers adjust their fit in one another.


Check out some more close-ups of the painting as well as a time-lapse making of video!


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