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Transcendence 3.0

'Psychameleon Transcendence 3.0" 30" x 40" Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Transcendence 3.0 by Shane Turner a painting of a woman doing nude dancers yoga pose, created out of dripping paint and negative space. Pop art style colors on white background.
Psychameleon Transcendence 3.0 by Shane Turner Art

Psychameleon Transcendence 3.0 is a yoga pose Psychameleon piece featuring the dancer's pose. While making these images, the idea is often to see how interesting the curves of the female body appears when revealed from negative space and dripping paint. This allows the eye to follow paint drips, to see parts of the body through the negative space, that you might otherwise ignore when seeing the same image in a realistic depiction. The shapes made by the body actually overtake the literal figure the frozen motion of the yoga pose becomes apparent, creating an overall abstract artwork. The balance of abstraction and figurative imagery is, to me, reflective of the balance of exercise and meditative aspects of yoga.


Check out a close-up of the painting as well as a time-lapse making of video!


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